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Dinosaur Bone & Inlay Jewelry

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At Park City Jewelers we carry dinosaur bone rings, pendants and inlay jewelry! Does the idea of having a ring with a dinosaur bone set in it give you goose bumps? It does for us here at Park City Jewelers. We’re passionate about jewelry and it shows through with every ring, pendant, or piece of inlay jewelry we sell.

Park City Jewelers has the most remarkable custom dinosaur bone rings found in the world. Our custom ring designs are inspired by the bones themselves. Because Utah has Dinosaur Country in it, we have a powerful resource to draw from that is unmatched.

If the kid in you still loves dinosaurs, or if it's the distinguished philanthropist, let us make you a custom dinosaur bone ring. Or, you can choose from our selection of dinosaur bone rings and jewelry.

One thing we love to do is to take your ideas and "flesh" it out in the computer. We create a 3D model of it and then make a wax model of it. That way you can see the final product before it is made. Once you pass off on the final design, we send it off to our professional jewelers for them to produce. You can choose from white, yellow, or rose gold to have it set in. We also can make them in sterling silver. Any design and literally any dinosaur bone can be made into a ring or a pendant. Call us and we'll work out the details.